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The Australian porn industry is fairly new by world standards but at the same time it is growing at a rapid rate. We are producing some very sexy adult movies, but that being said, the porn industry is one of the most regulated industries in Australia. The distribution of adult DVDs is illegal in most states, but the authorities usually turn a blind eye.

This causes a big headache as video piracy is widespread in the industry - approximately 80% of content purchased is pirated. However since the Adult Industry Copyright Organistion does not want to damage distribution channels, they are forced to arrest the person directly for selling illegal content. This involves a slow and expensive civil action against each pirate.

But enough about rules and regulations. Many people often wonder how to get into the Australian porn industry. With the growth of webcams and video phones, more and more people are becoming amateur porn stars, frequently recording themselves in sexual activity with their partner...or possibly random drunk pickup from the pub.

But just because you film yourself banging the hot brunette from down the street, don't naturally assume that you can become an aussie porn star. If you are male, it can be incredibly hard to get into the Australian porn industry. You must be able to get hard, stay hard, and then blow your load within a few minutes of being asked. Judging by the number of Australian men getting nasal spray delivery, it's not an easy thing to do!

You also need to be at least 7 inches long, and very thick. You must be in quite good physical shape and have very good stamina. The stop-start nature of porn sex can be very draining, and you must also be willing to have sex with any girl in any situation. Not sounding as glamourous hey?

For a girl to get into the Australian porn industry it is relatively easier, but still not simple! You need to have a good body (unless you are doing niche porn such as fatties), you must have large boobs (again unless you're doing niche porn), you must be checked for all kinds of STIs and other health issues. Lastly, and most importantly, you must be willing to have sex with a range of guys!!

There is always a market for porn actors, which isn't surprising since sex sells and is one of the biggest industries in the world! However you must have looks, talent, luck and be in the right place at the right time. For those entertainers struggling to break into the porno market, you can always consider stripping. A number of current stars got their start working in strip clubs and finally got noticed by the right people. There are lot of places where female strippers can work such as a Strippers entertainment agency. Whether it be a club or for an agency, going around to bucks night and other private parties, being a stripper lets you take your clothes off and be sexual, without being filmed. Unless those sneaky guys on the bucks night secretly record you on their mobile phone!

If you don't have any of these features, then there's still hope for you. Consider becoming a phone sex operator. These "dirty talkers" make a lot of money, and can do it whenever they like, from the comfort of their own home. Obviously the market is better positioned for females with companies such as Adult Fantasy House, but if your a guy, why not consider gay phone sex work. Even if you're not gay, if you can handle talking dirty and are willing to learn all the lingo, there's no reason why you can't be successful with this form of paid phone chat. After all, there aren't too many girls calling up sex lines to hear guys talk dirty to them...they can get this for free!

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Porn movies not only have the action of guys and girls using their body parts in every which way, they sometimes also use sex toys to spice up the scenes. Known as "props" in normal movies, things such as vibrators can be very useful for a girl on girl scene. Tongues and fingers are hot but get a bit boring after a while, so you need sex toys to give the activities more flare. There's nothing like a bit of plastic shaft penetration between two girls who love each other dearly. If you want to try using dildos and other marital aids like in the pornos, visit your local adult shop for an array of instruments including vibrators, beads, lubricant, condoms and of course more movies!

For adventurous couples, you might want to try making your own amateur porn film. This can be a very exciting producting with HD video cameras these days. Don't be afair to experiment and you may want to use sex toys in your home video as well. Even for a straight couple, you may wish to try using some couples sex toys, which enhance the pleasure and can result in amazing orgasms. This is particularly good for a guy if he wants to show his mates, and wants to look like a sex machine! Similarly, if you want to do a facial on the movie, getting increased sensation is a great way to ensure your load is intense!

I've been to a lot of good adult stores in my time. My favourite of the adult shops would have to be the XXX video store in Bayswater. I went there one time with my ex girlfriend and we were checking out all the different movies. There was a lot of niche videos, and one of them was a pregnant movie called 'Lovin with one in the oven'. Best title ever! Adult shops are great for marital aids and movies and are a great way to enhance your sex life.

Just remember, sex toys aren't only for the ladies. Guys love getting stimulated in the backdoor, which is why male sex toys are so popular. Some of the best sellers include anal beads, strap on dildos, and a gadget known as the 'Shout Special'. Some sex toys can be used for both parnters which lets the male and female both enjoy themselves at the same time. It can bring lots of spice into your sex life using these, and lots of couples sex toys can be purchased from an adult shop like many other marital aids.

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